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Civil Aviation Industry

RLC has extensive experience in civil aerospace.

Expertise in both precision engineering and supply chain management

RLC products are present in mainline civil aerospace fleets, including the Airbus, A320Neo family, A330, A350 A380, B777 & B787, Bombardier C Series, Embraer E2 EJet and Mitac MRJ.

In the business jet market our products feature in Gulfstream, Bombardier & Dassault airframes.

We work throughout the product life cycle on products for engines, actuation systems and airframes. Typical products include; fan blades, guide vanes, annulus fillers, airframe structures, control system components, actuation components, compressor blisks/IBR’s and fan blade titanium leading edges to complement next generation fan blades.

Expertise in both precision engineering and supply chain management ensures precise outcomes – essential in an industry where being fuel efficient, cost effective and ahead of the competition are fundamental.

  • The civil aerospace market is all about being predictable with no surprises. Doing the same thing time and time again relentlessly

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